Day 3 + weekend update

23 Jan

Dieting is no piece of cake (hah! pun). Everyday is a struggle, but for me it’s worse on week-ends. That’s when temptation strikes the hardest. Surprisingly though, despite my fear, this week-end went by like a breeze. I didn’t so much as wince. I looked it right in the eyes and kicked its ass (aaah these blissful beginnings).

Currently, my main intakes consist of lean ground meat, chicken breasts, eggs, fat free ricotta, plain yogurt, and Tabasco sauce to spice things up. And coffee. Lots of it! I’m also supposed to have oat bran, but I’ve mistaken it for oat flakes, which are apparently not allowed at this stage, so I haven’t been having that, until I find a store that carries it.

It’s getting boring. Only have two more days of this before the veggies (never thought I’d ever miss those!). But until I’m screaming at random people on the street, or crying hysterically in damp, dark corner, I know I’m fine.

Ok, I’m off to take care of some cheezy meatballs. And by take care, I mean mercilessly wolf down.

Nighty night!


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