26 Jan

So Today was the first day of the loooong cruise phase ahead.

I started the day with a skim milk latte and oatmeal. I had missed vegetables so yesterday I prepared a huge zucchini stir fry for today’s lunch, with chunks of chicken breast,  onion, tomatoes and green hot peppers. It turned out very okay because I used too much lemon to marinate the chicken and the tomatoes made it more acidic. Needless to say, I left half of it, and was famished by 4.00.

To make matters worse, a supplier sent me chocolates for the new year, and it was all I thought about all afternoon.  I tried not to cave when I got the box home, but couldn’t help eating 4 chocolates. Afterwards, I felt guilty, disgusted of my self and decided I’d give them to my mother. It’s always a good strategy to get rid of the temptation.

To make up for my faux-pas, I’ll have to do two days of pure-protein. And hopefully this will not wreck my diet too much. Guess I’ll wait and see.

In other news, starting tomorrow, I’ll be adding a new recipe section to this blog. I’ll post hits (and probably misses) in the kitchen department. They will mostly be Dukan-friendly (duh!), but on special occasions, some may not be. So stay tuned!



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