Hits & Misses

9 Feb

This week’s misses:

– Falling off the diet wagon

– Guilt trips: food related and unfood related

– Boys. They suck (enough said)

– Snotty, arrogant, obnoxious clients who act like they actually own us

– Feeling lost and confused

– Screwed up sleep pattern

And hits : 

– Getting on the diet wagon again

– My family, which I’m VERY thankful for, despite how mad they drive me sometimes

– Sending a job application to that company that makes my eyes shine (fingers crossed)

– Early b-day presents: Owl ring and daisy earrings from my sisters + pink Ipod from yours truly to replace the one that got stolen (yay self-pampering! )

– Finding time to process my photos

– That amazing other client who writes her email in caps and adds way too many “!!!!” to thank us and express how happy she is with the new campaign

– Finally, this quote, which made me think and comforted me at the same time

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