Weigh-in #9

14 Jun

This week I’ve gone with a high-protein diet.  I can’t see major changes on the scale, but I do feel like my muscles are getting stronger (even with no significant exercise).

Starting Wednesday, I will be going into a veggie/fruit meal plan with a limited protein intake.

Latest weight : 113 kgs (249 lbs)

Current weight: 112 (247 lbs)

Total loss 1 kg (~ 2 lbs)

Workout: None in the last week. I will be going to the gym tonight.

Status: I can see a pattern in the weight loss. I just need to work on my immense un-motivation to workout!


I got the blues

9 Jun

I don’t know what’s happening to me lately. I’m functioning well (as much as the usual anyways) throughout the day, but once home, it all crumbles down. I’ve had 3 crying bouts in the past week alone . Everything seems to be going ok on the surface but I feel so hollow on the inside it’s starting to scare me.

Maybe it’s the realization that I’m not even remotely close to where I thought I’d be by now, or the feeling of being torn between what I want to be and what I’m supposed to be… or something else entirely. All I know is that if this goes on, something not good is going to come out of it. Something is missing, or wrong and I don’t know how to fix it!

I’m losing myself…

Paris, je t’aime!

7 Jun

Paris Paris Paris… I loved it so much more this time around than when I used to live there a few years ago.  I caught up with one of my best friends,  roamed through the streets (yay workout), ate as if my taste buds were going to die soon, shopped like a mad woman (Sephora is my personal fantasyland), and just soaked in the awesomeness of that city. I was also lucky enough to have amazing weather during my stay. It was definitely the trip I needed to keep me sane.

Foodwise, I had the chance to relish in those pieces of heaven brought down by little harp-playing angels aka Pierre Hermé Macaroons. I tried 4 flavors: Rose, Jasmine, Matcha/Red beans/Azuki, and Olive oil/Vanilla (my favorite so far). Then, one night, we headed to a vietnamese restaurant with my friend. It was recommended by a colleague of hers as the best one in town. We got there, and it looked like a seedy little place from the outside, with an old neon sign and a guy in shorts and a big belly coming out of it. Inside though, it was packed with Asians, so we knew it was a good place. We didn’t know what to order so the lady who owned the place helped us decide. We shared spring rolls for an entrée. They were huge. We then got Bo Bún : a mix of veggies, vermicelli, meat, and chicken rolls. For dessert we had Che Ba Mau. The meal was amazing, and owner was so nice it definitely made it one of the highlights of the trip.

Oh and there was luuuurve (the ultimate cliché). Everywhere I looked, in the metro, on the street, waiting for my coffee order, I saw couples holding hands, kissing and or just standing there doing coupley things… and being gorgeous at it. If it wasn’t so damn glorious I would have unleashed my inner banshee and wallowed in the sorrow of lacking a Mr Flan.

Anyways, I’m babbling, here’s the trip in photos:


Sigh, this already seems to be a lifetime away…

Bonne nuit!

Weigh-in #8

7 Jun

Once again, I’ve drifted off from this blog because of the usual crazy work schedule. I feel like my head is going in all directions at the same time, but I’m slowly catching up to the normal routine (inner voice also says I need to get checked for ADD, and I think I should follow the advice).

Latest weight : 114 kgs (251 lbs)

Current weight: 113 kgs (249 lbs)

Total loss 1 kg (~ 2 lbs)

Workout: once in the last week – 30 mn on stationary bike.

Status: Decent weight loss considering my current life (and diet) pace.

p.s: and two (whole) weeks after my return, the post about my Paris trip will finally be up tonight.

Weigh-in #7 and quick update

17 May

Wow…writing the title for this post, I just realized that in 7 weeks, I haven’t done much of a progress. I’ve joined and regularly attended a gym, lost a few pounds but gained some back and I seriously need to strenghten my core and overall workout routine. This sucks big, heavy, lead balls.

Anyhow here are the stats for this week:

Latest weight : 115 kgs (249 lbs)

Current weight: 114 kgs (251 lbs)

Total loss : 1 kg (2.2 lbs)

Status: Borderline decent loss for this week. Meh, could do better, but I’m too busy to care right now as I will be heading to the airport in an hour. Paris, I’m coming for you!!!

I’ll be back next Monday and will update on the trip. In the meantime, stay tuned for the tweets.


Who’s awesome??

10 May

Moi! Of course. Although I wasn’t that awesome two hours ago.

Yet another horrible day at the office, that has made me realize that working with and for dumb people takes tremendous effort. I came home cranky, tired and dragging a migraine. That’s when I made a terrible mistake…I dropped by the bakery next door and gotten myself a cupcake, which was a really bad idea considering my excellent behavior during the day. To add insult to injury, I went home, made myself a latte and wolfed down the cupcake that I first sprinkled with shredded coconut.

In my defense, this was not entirely my fault, I also blame this faux-pas on that very special time of the month that makes us ladies a powerful magnet for all things starchy or chocolatey… or both. *Delusional, much?*

After all evidence disappeared (most probably in my hips and thighs… Forever!), I was all set to get into a dusty corner and wallow in my miserable lack of control. But then I had a stroke of genius. I decided that even though I had been bad, I would get to the gym for a quick 20 minute session,  it couldn’t hurt right? So I got into the gym and kicked some serious sweaty ass (and got mine kicked in the process) for close to an HOUR!!! The guy who was training us even congratulated me on my dedication to the workout! It boosted my morale big time. I’m sensing that I’ll be soon developing a teacher’s pet complex.

Ok, I’m off to get my oil portrait done or something. ‘Night peeps!

Weigh in #6

10 May

It’s been a while since I’ve done a weigh-in post, and a major part of it was because I was too ashamed to actually post my progress (or lack thereof). But I guess it’s no use hiding the facts, as cringeworthy as they may seem. Hence, weigh in numero seis:

Latest weight : 113 kgs (249 lbs)

Current weight: 115 kgs (253 lbs)

Total gain: 2 kg (4.4 lbs)

Status: Not happy but getting back on track.

In other news, here is where I will be a week (and a few hours) from now:

I will be spending 6 days with two of my favorite people in the world!! So yay for that (not so yay for the weight I have to lose until then).

Happy Tuesday!

FLAW…wait for it…LESS!

5 May

Today sucked balls at the office, but it was a glorious day of win for Operation Chubby.

I had a banana yogurt for breakfast and a handful of cashews around 11.00.

For lunch I went with egg whites, turkey slices, two laughing cow light wedge, and multigrain bread.

I wasn’t too hungry during the afternoon, but snacked on some cashews anyway (around 5.00).

I went to the gym around 7.30. My day was so crappy by then that I was actually looking forward to the workout (shocking I know!). I did a short but intense 20-minute ground workout with the trainer, followed by 20 minutes on the bike.

By the time I got out of the gym, I was definitely in a better, let’s go to the mall, mood!

For dinner I made a huge salad composed of: lettuce, tuna, green and yellow pepper, and a sliced egg white, plus my favorite yogurt/dressing. I sliced up some honeydew melon and was good to go.

My calorie count for the day was  1162 and I had 9 glasses of water.

Definitely a good day !!! How was yours?


4 May

Tomorrow, I will exercise harder. Tomorrow I will eat right and not be tempted.

Today was good but tomorrow will be flawless!


3 May

I’m ashamed to even write this post. That is why I have been putting off the updates on the blog.

I’ve fallen off the wagon and the train has almost run me down. This week end was  one of the quietest  in a long time so I went back to filling it with food. I could pull out all the excuses in the world: work, stress, life, to make me feel less guilty about this. But I know that at the end of the day it boils down to me, and to how I deal with this weight loss journey. It’s all sunshine and rainbows when everything else is under control. When things get messy, I just don’t know how to stop myself from going back to my old habits.  I know my trigger points, I know my weaknesses, yet I still can’t master them completely. I feel like I’m going a step forward and two steps back. And it sucks, hard!

I know it takes determination, self-control and a whole lot of kickassery to be able to summon enough willpower to push harder into the weight loss thing, but I’m wondering if there isn’t something more to it. Is it a matter of being ready? Is it a moment in time where everything clicks?