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27 things

14 Feb

I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time. So here goes:

  1. I always sleep with the TV on, and there’s a hammer in my nightstand. Just in case.
  2. I’m furiously protective of people I care about.
  3. I’m also terrified of losing a loved one and sometimes stay up thinking about it.
  4. My first memory was of me playing by the door, waiting for my dad to get home from work.
  5. I don’t watch horror movies, ever! I’ve yet to find someone willing to watch “Shaun of the dead” with me.
  6. Anything underwater scares the living daylights out of me. I can’t even swim in a pool alone.
  7. I get easily overwhelmed, quickly lose my temper, but the tiniest thing can make me smile again.
  8. No matter how nice you seem, or how much others like you, if I have a bad feeling about you, it will probably never go away. Also, my feelings are almost always right.
  9. I have a very random, eclectic (and sometimes weird) taste in music, books, and movies.
  10. When I was 7, I almost went blind because of measles fever.
  11. My aunt’s dog bit me when I was 2, because I went into its  house and woke it up. I still carry the scars on my right calf…
  12. …it didn’t seem to get to me though, I wanted to be a veterinarian up until my 12th year.
  13. I have a really hard time expressing my love for people, but I do it through gestures.
  14. Morning is not my thing. That is, until coffee hits my system.
  15. I hate raw tomatoes, overripe bananas and am allergic to sole
  16. I still regret saying no to dating my crush back when I was 14. I still think it could have been a turning point in my love life.
  17. I’ve only recently started liking myself and accepting who I am as a person. And let me tell you, I’m awesome (most of the time :D).
  18. A friend once stole a spoon for me from a café because I liked it. It made me love him more!
  19. Hands are what I check first in a guy, his face comes second. I also have a huge thing for redhead men.
  20. I’m very accepting of all kinds of people but very guarded about what I share with them.
  21. I could eat sushi and tom kha gai every single day. I also make a mean cheesecake.
  22. I regret moving back to my country so quickly. But I’m thinking about moving away soon.
  23. Guilt and body issues took away big chunks of my self esteem, which I’m slowly rebuilding.
  24. Nail polish is one of my obsessions. I (proudly) own 70+ bottles.
  25. My other obsession is perfume.
  26. I’ve had more than ten different addresses since 2002. Had never moved once before that.
  27. I’m 27 today. Older, but probably not wiser. And that’s quite alright with me!