The list

I made my bucket list right before turning 26 (a couple of months ago). Something about getting older makes me frantic about achieving my dreams (or at least writing them down hah). Making it was actually inspired by an article I read online.

I noted the list on my little black book (no promiscuity involved…well, not much anyway), but then decided to share it with everyone here.

As per the article’s 5th rule: “Don’t be realistic. Dream big. Write down the craziest things you can think of, as well as the things that you don’t even think bear mentioning because they are so simple”, I tried to mention every goal/dream regardless of them being achievable or not.

Here goes:

  1. Raise a beautiful dog: a French bulldog, a Boston terrier, a Labrador, a Dalmatian or a Saint-Bernard – Or all of those
  2. Own a house by the beach with an indoor pool, a zen garden, and a nice office
  3. Learn more about photography and become a professional photographer
  4. Get my photos exposed
  5. Skydive
  6. Have my own event management company
  7. Date one of my childhood crushes. A specific one… whom I’m still in touch with – wait that doesn’t make him a childhood crush
  8. Experience how it feels to get completely wasted
  9. Take a flower arrangement course
  10. Travel through Asia
  11. Visit Australia
  12. Live in Vancouver again
  13. Make a song – My inner little voice is in stitches over this one
  14. Go to a Peter Fox concert
  15. Meet Simon Pegg, one of my favoritest actors ever  – and manage not to drool over him
  16. Drive a Bentley – No! OWN a Bentley
  17. Drop jaws when I get into a room
  18. Take portraits of my family and friends – In progress
  19. Be a better listener
  20. Find the one
  21. Keep the one
  22. Marry the one
  23. Take the stairs to go up the Eiffel Tower
  24. Make myself and people I care about happy
  25. Own a restaurant
  26. Volunteer for an international organization
  27. Live in NYC
  28. Visit South Korea
  29. Have a pet tiger – a white one, so that it matches with the straight jacket
  30. Drive a race car that kicks ass
  31. Act in a movie
  32. Direct a music video
  33. Dance under the monsoon rain in India
  34. Kiss under said rain – or any rain really!
  35. Contribute to saving the planet  – in progress
  36. Learn how to properly walk in heels
  37. Have a complete photo equipment
  38. Learn to develop photos in a darkroom
  39. Meet Jasmine Star, one of my favorite photographers (and a very inspiring person)
  40. Learn to be an great cook
  41. Find my purpose in life
  42. Experience complete, unhinged freedom even for a little while
  43. Get rid of the guilt
  44. Live in Dubai
  45. Make lots of money – the materialistic side is talking now
  46. Take part in a Bollywood movie
  47. Overcome my addiction to food – in progress
  48. Get in great shape – in progress
  49. Make sure I never disappoint myself
  50. Study anthropology
  51. If I ever decide to have kids: have a couple of cute ginger kids – provided that The One aforementioned is a redhead (or open to adoption)
  52. Raise said kids to be great people
  53. Have a room in my house dedicated to make-up, perfume and nail polish
  54. Photograph the Taj Mahal, the temple of Amristar and Rajasthan
  55. Read more books
  56. Improve my Spanish
  57. Learn Japanese
  58. Take better care of my skin
  59. Be more confident
  60. Go to Disneyworld
  61. Accept myself
  62. Learn Salsa
  63. Learn Tango
  64. Live in the “So not over you” house
  65. Get my hair to grow longer
  66. Get rid of negative people in my life – in all legality of course
  67. Own lots of gorgeous, unique pieces of jewelry
  68. Work with an art gallery
  69. Live in London
  70. Go on a Safari
  71. Write a novel
  72. Live in a penthouse of a skyscraper in a huge city
  73. Live in Hong Kong
  74. Never let go of the kid in me
  75. Wear skirts, dresses and rock them
  76. Have a beautiful garden in my house with lots of bougainvillea, hibiscus and a Koi pond
  77. Road trip through Morocco
  78. Run a marathon – this one was inspired by some of my fellow bloggers
  79. Shoot a magazine cover –even second shooting would be more than enough
  80. Stop caring about other people’s opinions
  81. Make my 30, 40, 50 and 60-year-old self proud of me
  82. Become a fabulous, fun and graceful old lady, who walks barefoot, wears tons of bracelets and dances in her kitchen
  83. Take a week off work and finally watch all those classics *ducks and covers*: Star Wars, the Godfather, Scarface…
  84. Re-watch the complete Scooby-doo collection
  85. Take Krav Maga classes
  86. Take Yoga classes
  87. Go to a Mika concert
  88. Go to a Queen concert – Hey! Rule n° 5 said to include every dream, even those involving Freddie Mercury coming back to life
  89. Go to an Adele concert
  90. Go to a Michael Buble concert
  91. Get blunt bangs – Done. I was dying to get bangs like the most popular girl at school and my mom always said no. I finally got them when I got older and turns out… my mom was right!
  92. Look chocolate straight in the eyes, and say: “This relationship is over!”
  93. Overcome my fear of water
  94. Learn to better manage my time
  95. Learn to better manage my money and save enough to  retire early and comfortably
  96. Take make up classes
  97. Find the job of my dreams
  98. Learn how to knit
  99. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  100. Learn to go with the flow
That’s the list for now, stay tuned for more progress :D

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