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Weigh-in #10

28 Jun

Ok. So I wasn’t enthusiastic about that whole protein week/veggie week. I prefer having a little variety in my meal plan, so I’m back to counting calories.

Latest weight : 112 kgs (247 lbs)

Current weight: 112 (247 lbs)

Total loss 0 kg (0 lbs)

Workout: Only a one-hour workout. Busy week :(

Food: staying at 1400/1500 cals a day.

Status: No loss no gain, not happy not sad!


Weigh-in #9

14 Jun

This week I’ve gone with a high-protein diet.  I can’t see major changes on the scale, but I do feel like my muscles are getting stronger (even with no significant exercise).

Starting Wednesday, I will be going into a veggie/fruit meal plan with a limited protein intake.

Latest weight : 113 kgs (249 lbs)

Current weight: 112 (247 lbs)

Total loss 1 kg (~ 2 lbs)

Workout: None in the last week. I will be going to the gym tonight.

Status: I can see a pattern in the weight loss. I just need to work on my immense un-motivation to workout!

Who’s awesome??

10 May

Moi! Of course. Although I wasn’t that awesome two hours ago.

Yet another horrible day at the office, that has made me realize that working with and for dumb people takes tremendous effort. I came home cranky, tired and dragging a migraine. That’s when I made a terrible mistake…I dropped by the bakery next door and gotten myself a cupcake, which was a really bad idea considering my excellent behavior during the day. To add insult to injury, I went home, made myself a latte and wolfed down the cupcake that I first sprinkled with shredded coconut.

In my defense, this was not entirely my fault, I also blame this faux-pas on that very special time of the month that makes us ladies a powerful magnet for all things starchy or chocolatey… or both. *Delusional, much?*

After all evidence disappeared (most probably in my hips and thighs… Forever!), I was all set to get into a dusty corner and wallow in my miserable lack of control. But then I had a stroke of genius. I decided that even though I had been bad, I would get to the gym for a quick 20 minute session,  it couldn’t hurt right? So I got into the gym and kicked some serious sweaty ass (and got mine kicked in the process) for close to an HOUR!!! The guy who was training us even congratulated me on my dedication to the workout! It boosted my morale big time. I’m sensing that I’ll be soon developing a teacher’s pet complex.

Ok, I’m off to get my oil portrait done or something. ‘Night peeps!

FLAW…wait for it…LESS!

5 May

Today sucked balls at the office, but it was a glorious day of win for Operation Chubby.

I had a banana yogurt for breakfast and a handful of cashews around 11.00.

For lunch I went with egg whites, turkey slices, two laughing cow light wedge, and multigrain bread.

I wasn’t too hungry during the afternoon, but snacked on some cashews anyway (around 5.00).

I went to the gym around 7.30. My day was so crappy by then that I was actually looking forward to the workout (shocking I know!). I did a short but intense 20-minute ground workout with the trainer, followed by 20 minutes on the bike.

By the time I got out of the gym, I was definitely in a better, let’s go to the mall, mood!

For dinner I made a huge salad composed of: lettuce, tuna, green and yellow pepper, and a sliced egg white, plus my favorite yogurt/dressing. I sliced up some honeydew melon and was good to go.

My calorie count for the day was  1162 and I had 9 glasses of water.

Definitely a good day !!! How was yours?


4 May

Tomorrow, I will exercise harder. Tomorrow I will eat right and not be tempted.

Today was good but tomorrow will be flawless!

Ordinary miracle

30 Mar

I did it! I actually woke up at 6 this morning and went for a 20mn brisk walk.

This was one of my goals for this week. On Monday it was not possible cuz, well, it was Monday. Tuesday I slept until 10 minutes before I’m supposed to be in the office. I hadn’t slept the night before because I had an argument with the neighbor (long story, but his family makes it seem like there’s a Riverdance troup rehearsing upstairs). But yesterday night passed like a balmy spring breeze, so I woke up even before my second alarm went off (which is also a major achievement).

It was not a jog, just a walk, but actually leaving my bed and going out is a miracle on its own.And man did it feel good to come back home, have a shower, breakfast, make lunch and still take my time to get dressed and make-up (this process usually has to be done in 30 min or less). The bonus was arriving to the office on time :D

So yay for great Wednesdays (and all other days)!