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Weigh-in #10

28 Jun

Ok. So I wasn’t enthusiastic about that whole protein week/veggie week. I prefer having a little variety in my meal plan, so I’m back to counting calories.

Latest weight : 112 kgs (247 lbs)

Current weight: 112 (247 lbs)

Total loss 0 kg (0 lbs)

Workout: Only a one-hour workout. Busy week :(

Food: staying at 1400/1500 cals a day.

Status: No loss no gain, not happy not sad!


Weigh-in #9

14 Jun

This week I’ve gone with a high-protein diet.  I can’t see major changes on the scale, but I do feel like my muscles are getting stronger (even with no significant exercise).

Starting Wednesday, I will be going into a veggie/fruit meal plan with a limited protein intake.

Latest weight : 113 kgs (249 lbs)

Current weight: 112 (247 lbs)

Total loss 1 kg (~ 2 lbs)

Workout: None in the last week. I will be going to the gym tonight.

Status: I can see a pattern in the weight loss. I just need to work on my immense un-motivation to workout!

Weigh-in #8

7 Jun

Once again, I’ve drifted off from this blog because of the usual crazy work schedule. I feel like my head is going in all directions at the same time, but I’m slowly catching up to the normal routine (inner voice also says I need to get checked for ADD, and I think I should follow the advice).

Latest weight : 114 kgs (251 lbs)

Current weight: 113 kgs (249 lbs)

Total loss 1 kg (~ 2 lbs)

Workout: once in the last week – 30 mn on stationary bike.

Status: Decent weight loss considering my current life (and diet) pace.

p.s: and two (whole) weeks after my return, the post about my Paris trip will finally be up tonight.

Weigh-in #7 and quick update

17 May

Wow…writing the title for this post, I just realized that in 7 weeks, I haven’t done much of a progress. I’ve joined and regularly attended a gym, lost a few pounds but gained some back and I seriously need to strenghten my core and overall workout routine. This sucks big, heavy, lead balls.

Anyhow here are the stats for this week:

Latest weight : 115 kgs (249 lbs)

Current weight: 114 kgs (251 lbs)

Total loss : 1 kg (2.2 lbs)

Status: Borderline decent loss for this week. Meh, could do better, but I’m too busy to care right now as I will be heading to the airport in an hour. Paris, I’m coming for you!!!

I’ll be back next Monday and will update on the trip. In the meantime, stay tuned for the tweets.


Weigh in #6

10 May

It’s been a while since I’ve done a weigh-in post, and a major part of it was because I was too ashamed to actually post my progress (or lack thereof). But I guess it’s no use hiding the facts, as cringeworthy as they may seem. Hence, weigh in numero seis:

Latest weight : 113 kgs (249 lbs)

Current weight: 115 kgs (253 lbs)

Total gain: 2 kg (4.4 lbs)

Status: Not happy but getting back on track.

In other news, here is where I will be a week (and a few hours) from now:

I will be spending 6 days with two of my favorite people in the world!! So yay for that (not so yay for the weight I have to lose until then).

Happy Tuesday!

Weigh-in #5

13 Apr

Latest weight : 115 kgs (253 lbs)

Current weight: 113 kgs (249 lbs)

Total loss: 2 kg (4.4 lbs)

Status: Happy with the progress. I can’t wait to see a zero in the middle of the weight figures.

Weigh-in #4

5 Apr

Latest weight : 115 kgs (253 lbs)

Current weight: 115 kgs (253 lbs)

Total loss: 0 kg (0 lbs)

Status: no loss this week and I’m still not happy with this. Buuuut, considering the gazillion wedding things I’ve had I’m happy I haven’t actually gained weight!

Weigh-in #3

29 Mar

Latest weight : 116 kgs (255 lbs)

Current weight: 115 kgs (253 lbs)

Total loss: 1 kg (2 lbs)

Status: honestly not happy with this, but I know that I’ve screwed up last week, so it’s not surprising!

Weigh-in #2

22 Mar

Starting weight : 120 kgs (264 lbs)

Current weight: 116 kgs (255 lbs)

Total loss: 4 kgs (8.8 lbs)

Status: Booo-effin’-yah!!!!!

Weigh-in #1

16 Mar

As of today, I weigh 120 kgs (264 lbs) for 172 cm (5’8 ish)

My goal weight is 65 kgs (143 lbs)

Short post…gotta get to bed!